Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming, and you might wonder if abortion is your only option for moving forward. But it’s important to know that you have other options besides abortion. These options include parenting and adoption.

This article will explore steps you can take to help you decide which option is best and how to protect your health. But if you’re looking for more information about your options and free pregnancy resources, contact First Choice Pregnancy Services to schedule a free, confidential appointment.

Ask Yourself Hard Questions

Every pregnancy option comes with pros and cons. Once you’ve learned all you can about each option, it’s critical to ask yourself some difficult questions to help you determine which choice is best and why, such as:

  • Which option am I leaning toward and why?
  • What might my life look like if I choose abortion? Adoption? Parenting?
  • How might I feel if I choose abortion? Adoption? Parenting?
  • Have I talked to my family, friends, or partner about what I’m considering?
  • Am I feeling pressured into one decision over another?

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it can help you start to gain a better understanding of how you’re feeling and why.

Learn All You Can About Your Pregnancy

No matter what pregnancy option you’re considering, it’s critical to learn all you can about your pregnancy by getting an ultrasound. This simple scan can help reveal the following details:

  • Gestational age: Pregnancy tracker apps and other methods aren’t a reliable way to know your gestational age, but this is essential information, especially if you’re considering a medical abortion, as these drugs are only FDA-approved if your pregnancy is 10 weeks gestation or under.
  • Location: Rarely, a pregnancy develops outside the uterus. This is a life-threatening emergency known as an ectopic pregnancy, and it requires immediate medical treatment.
  • Viability: Roughly 26% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. An ultrasound will look for signs of life, like a heartbeat, to determine if you’ve had a miscarriage. If so, you will need medical follow-up to ensure you don’t face complications.

You’re Not Alone in This

Navigating your pregnancy options and trying to think about what’s best can be overwhelming. But you’re not alone in this. At First Choice Pregnancy Services, we’re here for you.

We offer a safe, informative space to learn about your pregnancy options, and we also provide free, limited ultrasounds. Contact us today to learn about all the ways we’re here to help. All appointments and services are free and confidential.

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