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First Choice Pregnancy Services provides complete and accurate pregnancy information. We offer free lab-quality pregnancy tests that are highly sensitive, giving you immediate results. Plus, we confirm your pregnancy with state-of-the-art 2D / 3D / or 4D ultrasound services.

All consultations and medical results are strictly confidential.

Who We Serve

First Choice Pregnancy Services offers pregnancy and/or medical consultations for women and couples making decisions about unintended pregnancies.

What You Can Expect

At First Choice Pregnancy Center, we give you a high-sensitivity lab-quality urine pregnancy test to establish a pregnancy. Our medical staff asks a few questions about symptoms and the timing of your last menstrual period (LMP).

If the pregnancy test is positive, you’ll be scheduled for an ultrasound examination to determine fetal viability. Our sonographer often performs an ultrasound during the same initial visit.

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You May Not Need An Abortion

Based on the ultrasound exam results, medical personnel can tell whether they are seeing what appears to be a healthy pregnancy. If the ultrasound does not establish fetal viability, you could be a candidate with a high probability of miscarrying. You may not need an abortion!

Miscarriage is your body’s natural way of ending a pregnancy. It turns out that a significant fraction of all pregnancies, about 1 in 4, will end naturally without any intervention.

“Miscarriage” is the common term to describe a natural end to a pregnancy (less than 20 weeks). The medical term is “spontaneous abortion.” 

All services provided are free of charge with no further obligation. 

Learn More About Abortion

If you are considering abortion for your unintended pregnancy, confirm your pregnancy first. A positive result on a pregnancy test indicates the possibility of pregnancy. You need an ultrasound exam to confirm if the pregnancy is viable (growing with a detectable heartbeat).

Our medical team provides you with accurate information on abortion procedures, side effects, and potential risks. You deserve to have as much information as possible before you go.

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We focus on allowing you to make healthy, informed, and livable choices. At our facility, you will encounter a confidential yet supportive and compassionate environment to explore all your options.

How can you determine if you’re a candidate for avoiding abortion altogether? To begin the process, call us at (702) 294-2273.

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